Dr. Kiera Buchanan - Founder & Director

Clinical Psychologist and Health Psychologist

Dr. Kiera Buchanan founder Clinical Psychologist CFIH 2 Dr. Kiera Buchanan - Clinical & Health Psychologist,Dr. Kiera Buchanan,Psychologist

Dr. Kiera Buchanan is the founding director of Centre for Integrative Health. Kiera is registered as both a Clinical Psychologist and a Health Psychologist after completing the dual Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology. Kiera is also a board-approved supervisor.

Kiera recognises that her vision for addressing the current epidemic in eating- and weight-related concerns is one best realised through collaboration and joined efforts. As such, Centre for Integrative Health was opened with the vision of creating a team of passionate, dedicated, and expert practitioners who would work collectively to liberate society from eating- and body-image concerns and in turn, foster body acceptance and diversity globally.