International Conference for Eating Disorders

June 21, 2017Blog

Kiera, Marita, and Alanah recently attended the International Conference for Eating Disorders (ICED), hosted by the Academy of Eating Disorders (AED), in Prague. Marita also presented a measure she has recently developed in conjunction with CFIH dietitian, Kate Pollard; ‘the Eating for Muscularity Scale’. Marita and Kate hope the scale will better enable medical and … Read More

Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders Annual Conference

June 21, 2017Blog

Kiera, Marita and Alanah will all be presenting at this year’s annual Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) conference in Sydney, this September. Kiera will be presenting an oral presentation on “Why Diets Fail”; aimed at improving society’s understanding of obesity, reducing weight-stigma, and exploring alternatives to weight loss for improving health; physically … Read More

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Exercise Right Week

May 28, 2017Blog

Take a yoga or meditation class together: We live in a society where there is so much external stimulus and noise that it can be really beneficial to take some time out. Meditation and low intensity sitting or lying movements are a great way to allow people to focus on the present moment. Hit the … Read More

International No Diet Day

May 5, 2017Blog

At the heart of International No Diet Day is the celebration of body acceptance. In a society that is fixated on appearance and size, this day helps us refocus on what is truly important – a healthy lifestyle and self love. In celebrating International No Diet Day, participants are encouraged to: • Challenge the idea … Read More

‘Eat Less and Move More’: Inaccurate? Or, accurate but unattainable?

February 14, 2017Blog

In the most recent National Health Survey, over 2.3 million Australian adults reported being on a diet to lose weight. Reviews of the dieting literature, however, consistently report that 95 percent of dieters regain the lost weight within a few years, with two-thirds regaining more weight than they initially lost. Despite this, the recommendations remain … Read More

Single Session Intervention for Eating Disorders

February 12, 2017Events for Practitioners

A Training Workshop for Medical Practitioners Date: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 Presenters: Dr. Anthea Fursland (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) Dr. Warren Ward (Psychiatrist) Location: Brisbane Square Library, 266 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Cost: Full day (including lunch): $249.00 / Afternoon session only: $149.00 Book Your Place Here Workshop Introduction Assessment and medical monitoring in … Read More

This year, make it your year for sustainable health

January 10, 2017Blog

With the New Year here, it is inevitable that many of us get excited about the opportunity for a fresh start and another chance to achieve those unfulfilled resolutions. If you’re a female aged between 8 and 80, living in Western society then it’s likely you’ve thought about losing weight. It’s also likely that you’re … Read More

What to do when diets fail

January 10, 2017Blog

Many of our clients have discovered that dieting and excessive exercise to lose weight do not work. In 95% of cases, dieting actually leads to weight gain, rather than weight loss. Many of these clients can feel lost and confused, as they want to improve their health yet they don’t know what to do. In … Read More

Enjoying the Christmas Season

December 15, 2016Blog

It’s that crazy time of year again when you find yourself constantly celebrating another year with Christmas drinks and festive feasts. We are often faced with many challenges and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here’s a taste of our Dietitian’s top 5 tips to not just survive the Christmas season, but to enjoy it. 1. … Read More

Radiance: Self-Compassion for Eating and Weight Concerns

November 30, 2016Events for Clients

ABOUT THE PROGRAM The program was developed by Clinical Psychologists, Dr. Kiera Buchanan and Dr Stan Steindl, and Dietitian, Kate Pollard, to address the missing ingredient in typical interventions aimed at improving eating behaviour and body-image; self-compassion. Through taking a Compassion-Focused Therapy approach, the program explores the role of self-criticism in maintaining eating, weight, and … Read More