You have the right to confidentiality of your information. All personal information discussed with and recorded by your treating professional during the provision of the service will remain confidential and secure. Client files are secured and accessible only by practice staff.

a. Sharing of confidential information:

CFIH believes that one of the keys to you receiving the best possible care is in ensuring that all those relevant parties involved in your care are on the same page, are consistent, and are up to date with any changes in your treatment and/or circumstances.

To ensure this happens, we seek to collaborate with all other practitioners involved in your care; both within CFIH and external to CFIH. In seeking to access or share your confidential information, we ensure you that only the information directly relevant to your treatment will be exchanged and it will be done so in a sensitive and professional manner.

Should you give consent for this to occur, you have the right to specify what information is/isn’t shared, with whom, and under what circumstances. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

b. Exceptions to confidentiality:

Please note, exceptions to confidentiality can occur when:

  1. The information you have given to your practitioners is subpoenaed (officially requested) by a court of law or if staff are served with a warrant by police;
  2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious risk of harm
  3. Your prior approval has been obtained to provide information to or obtain information from other parties.

However, it is important to note that your practitioner will discuss this with you before proceeding.

Accessing your client records:

If you wish to view and/or have a copy of the material recorded in your file, please lodge a written request to the Practice Manager. Requests will be responded to within 14 days and appointments will be made for further clarity if required.

If you have concerns about the management of your information, you can request a copy of the National Privacy Principles, which describes your rights and how personal information should be handled.

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint regarding the management of your information, you can contact the Federal Privacy Commission on 1300 363 992.

If you have any questions or queries pertaining to this document or your treatment at CFIH, please ask reception or your clinician.

Thank you.