Resources for Parents & Carers

What is an Eating Disorder?

The Nine Truths About Eating Disorders from the cast of "To the Bone"

A video about AFRID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)

How do I know if my loved one has an eating disorder?

Navigating treatment for my loved one

What is Family Based Therapy (FBT)?

Understanding weight restoration during treatment

Weight For Height Chart - target weight in eating disorder management

Growth charts & goal weight made simple: eating disorder recovery

What is a BMI or '% Weight-for-Height' target, and how wrong it could be

Supporting your loved one to eat and to recover

Eating Disorders Meal Support: Helpful Approaches for Families

Help your child eat with trust, not logic: the bungee jump (Anorexia & other Eating Disorders)

Stuck & not eating! Anorexia/ eating disorders: parents’ meal support tips

Helpful ways to think and speak about body weight and shape

An animated video exposing the limitations of current research on weight and health.

Dove confidence Kit

Managing your loved one’s distress

Connect before you Direct. Examples of things you might say to "Connect", which will then make your "Direction" more effective


for parents/carers to support the FBT treatment process

Help your teenager beat an eating disorder

Online support community of other parents of eating disorders