1 day workshop: Introduction to Eating Disorders

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Treating Eating Disorders in the Community: A 1-day Training Workshop for Medical, health & mental health practitioners.

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Workshop overview:

This training workshop is a comprehensive foundational eating disorder training developed specifically for practitioners working in community settings. The training was developed in response to the frequently asked questions and common barriers cited to implementing first-line treatment approaches by participants attending CBT-E and FBT training workshops. As such, this workshop provides practitioners with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the first-line eating disorder treatment approaches.

The training will equip community-based practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, identify and assess eating disorders; navigate Eating Disorder Management Plans (EDMPs); assess and monitor acute risks; engage highly ambivalent patients; and refer on when necessary. This 1-day interactive training includes an overview of up-to-date information and resources, practical real-life scenarios, video and live demonstrations, and activities.

This workshop seeks to provide participants with:

  • An accurate and thorough understanding of what an eating disorder is (and what it isn’t) including aetiology, maintenance factors, and comorbidities. The ability to identify and troubleshoot myths, misconceptions, and biases about eating disorders thereby, ensuring improved understanding, confidence, and competence in working with those affected by an eating disorder
  • Confidence in screening for, assessing, and diagnosing eating disorders and their related concerns (including ruling out differential diagnoses).
  • A thorough understanding of treatment priorities – especially in cases of complexity and comorbidity.
  • Practical strategies to assess, monitor, and manage acute medical & psychiatric risks of patients presenting to community-based services.
  • An understanding of ‘expected body weight’; how to calculate it as well as its role in diagnosis, engagement, and treatment.
  • An overview of the gold-standard and evidence-based treatments available for patients across the lifespan affected by an eating disorder and how to access them or learn more about delivering them.
  • Tools to effectively engage patients with a suspected or confirmed eating disorder (especially those who are highly ambivalent) in treatment.

Presenter bio:

Dr Kiera Buchanan is registered as both a Clinical Psychologist and a Health Psychologist as well as an AHPRA-approved supervisor.

Kiera is the Director of Centre for Integrative Health: Queensland’s private treatment centre for eating disorders and body-image concerns. Kiera is an executive committee member of the Queensland Eating Disorder Advisory Group (EDAG) as well as a former executive member of the Australian & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED).

Further information

  • Limited places available
  • In person, face-to-face training format
  • For more information, contact kiera@cfih.com.au


“Thank you so much for the fantastic training you delivered last week on CBT-E. I lived with anorexia, bulimia and BED in my teens/20s and received care from several professionals who did not appear to know how to deliver evidence-based interventions for these conditions. These healthcare interactions both delayed my recovery and made it harder to recover. I am therefore so very grateful for your workshops and education of health professionals -having trained professionals means that ED suffers can receive timely and effective care, so thank you for your work in this area.”

Bronwyn M, Psychologist

“Thank you so very much for your outstanding presentation of the CBT-E workshop. I appreciate so much the energy and passion you brought to the workshop. The knowledge, awareness and confidence I gained from the course is life-changing. I feel absolutely privileged to have had this opportunity. I have always been passionate about working in the eating disorders field, however, have not had the specific training nor confidence to do so. Thank you very much.”

Carolyn K, Psychologist

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