MWAP 6-Week Movement Support Course

$55.00 Incl GST

CFIH’s MWAP 6-Week Movement Support Course is a part-therapeutic, part-movement-based course designed for participants who have an avoidant relationship with movement.

Many people with avoidance toward movement feel alone in their negative exercise thoughts and behaviours, however this is not at all the case.

The 6-week course is an opportunity for people to be with others who feel the same way about movement, and who are ready to try a fun, safe and community-oriented approach to achieving this life-long health behaviour.

In total, with a Chronic Disease Management Plan, the 6-week course (including the x2 1:1 consults) amounts to $474.10, (which may be further decreased with private health rebates).

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place in the course. See Payment structure for more info on fees.



The 6-Week Movement Support Course, facilitated by CFIH Accredited Exercise Physiologist Alanah Dobinson, is a rolling course (running for six weeks then beginning again every six weeks thereafter) and is held on Saturday mornings in Spring Hill, Brisbane. The course adopts a part-therapeutic- and part-low intensity movement-based approach toward exercise, aimed at helping participants with avoidance toward movement identify, challenge and alter their unique beliefs and behaviours around exercise. A key component of this MWAP course is to foster a safe, fun and accepting movement community, inspired by one of CFIH’s core values: “We are all in this together”.

As per the MWAP Getting Started movement classes held on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings, a popular adjunct to this course, spaces are capped at seven people per session to ensure each person receives a high level of care and guidance.

Where: 67 Astor Terrace Spring Hill QLD 4000.

When: Saturday mornings, beginning late-2018

1:1 Consults

Compulsory 1:1 initial consults (before and after the course) at CFIH are required with Alanah Dobinson, CFIH’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist and MWAP facilitator.

The initial consult is required to review your medical history (bloods, vitals, medications, medical conditions), relationship with exercise, movement capacity, barriers and goals. The end-of-course consult is required to reflect on your time in the 10-week course, identify and plan for any remaining barriers, and plan your practical, enjoyable movement future from this point.


  • Weekly 90-minute group sessions: $50 (private health rebates may apply)
  • 1:1 consults: $87.05 each with a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan (or $140 each, which may be rebatable under private health).
  • In total, with a Chronic Disease Management Plan, the 6-week course (including the x2 1:1 consults) amounts to $474.10, (which may be further decreased with private health rebates).

Payment structure

A $50 deposit is required to secure your place in the course, and will cover your first week’s session. Payments will be required in two instalments after this point, with 50% ($125) debited at the beginning of the course, and the remaining 50% ($125) debited at the half-way point. These amounts will be automatically debited from the credit card details you provide.

The 1:1 consults will be settled in the CFIH clinic at the time of your consult.

Please note that there are no refunds for missed group sessions and/or for withdrawing.

Note: This course is not suitable for those who have been diagnosed with, or received treatment for, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder in the past year. New sessions will be developed for people living with these eating disorders from October  2018, after the release of the clinical exercise guidelines for eating disorders, Safe Exercise at Every Stage (SEES).

Other information

Many people also choose to join the MWAP Getting Started group movement classes. These low-intensity, clinically-appropriate classes are designed to support participants to engage in more regular movement opportunities to support overall well-being, amongst a group of other people also finding their way towards a new relationship with movement.

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