Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week Gala

$108.90 Incl GST

When: Friday, September 14th, 7pm
Where: Brisbane Club, Adelaide Street, Brisbane
Cost: $99.00 per person
What: Canapes, beer and wine
Dress: Cocktail or black tie


Research consistently demonstrates that when women are supported and empowered all of society benefits. Changing the world for the better then, starts with empowering women and liberating them from appearance-related pressures.

Among the many barriers that continue to prohibit women from assuming the leadership roles necessary to initiate world change are the unrealistic standards of beauty imposed upon them.

Join us for this year’s annual Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week (BIEDAW). Along with enjoying food, wine and entertainment, we will continue to explore the implications of western beauty standards in an effort to empower women to be the change agents the world needs them to be.

Be part of the solution!

Your attendance in the event not only ensures your part in this vital conversation but is also a direct contribution to a project aimed at eradicating world hunger with all proceeds going to CFIH Director, Dr. Kiera Buchanan, fundraising campaign with The Hunger Relief Project Australia.

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Major sponsors: Centre for Integrative Health, Space Digital
Main speaker: Claire Middleton, Founder of The Butterfly Foundation