Kiera, Marita and Alanah will all be presenting at this year’s annual Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) conference in Sydney, this September.

  • Kiera will be presenting an oral presentation on “Why Diets Fail”; aimed at improving society’s understanding of obesity, reducing weight-stigma, and exploring alternatives to weight loss for improving health; physically and emotionally.
  • Marita will present a poster titled: “Bodybuilding to the max: Is our drive for muscularity based upon body image dissatisfaction or distortion?”
  • Alanah will present the preliminary findings of a project she has led in an attempt to develop exercise guidelines for use with those with an active eating disorder; “SEES Guidelines – Safe Exercise At Every Stage”.

If you’re interested in attending, registration for the conference is now open and can be found here: