I often have people ask me HOW to LIKE running (in the way that I like it). First of all, I’m a psychologist, not a magician. I have tools I can teach you but no tricks to bestow upon you.

Secondly, I LIKE running because I am ME. It suits my hyperactive, high-strung, over-aroused temperament. It resets me, recentres me, and helps me regain perspective.

You might not like running because you are you, not because there is anything WRONG with you. I’m sure there’s something that works for you.. But you’ll need to get to know who you are instead of focusing on who you think you should be.

Finally, and I think this is the most important one, is my INTENTION.

At no point in my life has running ever been for weight loss or competition. It has always been only for the positive effect it has on my emotional state. Therefore, running has always felt rewarding, NOT punishing or stressful.

As human beings we are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain so if something is more punitive (physically or mentally) than it is rewarding then you’re naturally going to avoid it.

Instead of trying to figure out what exercise you SHOULD be doing, try to reflect on what you NEED for yourself.

I NEED (emotionally) to run regularly and I assure you that everyone in my life will be thankful that I did so this morning. If you’ve been focused on weight loss, you might find it difficult to tune into this.