CFIH has a mission to improve outpatient treatment for patients with eating disorders (EDs). This is to help ensure:

  1. Improved recovery within the community, and that
  2. Patients receive appropriate care.

As such, we have collaborated with experts to develop a streamlined intake and medical monitoring process for your outpatients with EDs. We are therefore offering complimentary in-house workshops in the outpatient medical monitoring of EDs.

The main focus of the presentation answers:

  • Who is safe to attend outpatient therapy
  • How to medically monitor ED patients in an outpatient setting

Please register below with a time/date that would suit you to best for us to visit your clinic (30 min duration).

Thank you for your ongoing support of CFIH and commitment to providing gold standard treatment to your patients.

Alanah Dobinson
Accredited Exercise Physiologist
B.ClinExPhysiology (Hons.)

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