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CFIH is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to eating, weight, and body image concerns.

The clinic is led by Dr. Kiera Buchanan who says “unfortunately, many people, of all shapes and sizes, experience distress related to weight, eating, and body image. Such distress can have a negative impact on the physical and emotional health of individuals and their families.”

Dr. Kiera Buchanan is the Principal Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Founder and Director of CFIH. She has extensive research and clinical experience in the fields of eating disorders, weight-management, and body dissatisfaction. Through her experience in a number of public- and private-heath settings, Kiera noted the lack of integration between the multiple practitioners and methods involved in clients’ treatment as well as the subsequent impact upon client outcomes. At the same time, the need for (but difficulty in sourcing) a team skilled in the treatment of eating disorders, weight-management, and chronic diseases also became apparent. As such, CFIH was designed to provide the highest quality treatment from an integrated team of skilled and experienced health practitioners across a range of disciplines. The team at CFIH has been personally selected on the basis of their knowledge, experience, and skill base as well as their passion and commitment to the fields of eating and weight concerns.

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CFIH provides collaborative, evidence-based treatment to men, women, teenagers and children for issues such as:

Service Delivery

12 Week Transformation Program

CFIH delivers an integrated health transformation program, individually catered to clients’ specific physical- and mental-health concerns. The option of a 12-week or 6-month program are offered, depending on the client’s concerns and preferences. Clients are direct debited weekly with rebates available in many instances at the time of their appointment. View the flyer here.

View an example timeline of the 12-week program here.*

*Please note that topics of discussion will vary depending on clients’ health concerns.

In an attempt to make treatment and support more affordable and accessible for clients, we have developed a series of group programs. In 2015, CFIH is offering a variety of different group therapy programs covering a large range of topics. The groups are typically 8-weekly sessions and are conducted after hours or during weekends.

Topics include:

CFIH practitioners are frequently presenting at conferences and training other health professionals to keep the medical and health industries up to date with the latest research and applications.

In 2016, our clinicians will present in various locations on topics such as

  • Fostering a Healthy Body Image in Adolescent Girls
  • Managing ‘Fussy Eating’ in Kids
  • ‘Why Diets Fail and What’s the Alternative?’
  • ‘The Medical Management of Anorexia Nervosa’
  • ‘Detecting Body Dysmorphia and Substance Abuse in Males’
  • ‘What is the Female Athlete Triad?’

If you would like to organise one of our practitioners to present or provide training on a particular topic, please contact reception.

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