Kate Lane


BENS (Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Kate is a Nutritionist in the final stages of completing her Masters of Dietetics Studies to become an Accredited Practicing Dietitian in mid-2018.

Kate has a special interest in disordered eating, body image and weight concerns, demonstrated through her involvement with Headspace National Youth Mental Health program, Brisbane Eating Disorders Mental Health Professionals Network and The Eating Issues Centre throughout her post-graduate studies.

In her current support role alongside CFIH dietitian Kate Pollard, Kate endeavours to assist clients in re-establishing a balanced and peaceful relationship with food so they may nourish themselves towards better physical and emotional wellbeing.

Kate is passionate about promoting an evidence-based Non-Diet Approach in the treatment of eating and weight concerns and advocating for body positivity and body acceptance within the wider community.

Specialist Training
  • Non-Diet Approach for Dietitians: Fiona Willer & Fiona Sutherland
  • CBT-E for Eating Disorders: Dr Anthea Fursland
  • QuEDS In-patient Medical Management of Eating Disorders
  • National Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference (2017)

Kate Lane