About Movement With A Purpose (MWAP)

MWAP is designed to help create and maintain a healthy relationship with exercise which supports, and not damages, well-being.

MWAP courses, classes and individual sessions adopt a part-therapeutic- and part movement-based approach toward exercise, aimed at helping participants identify, challenge and alter their unique beliefs and behaviours around exercise.

A key component of MWAP is to foster a safe, fun and accepting movement community, inspired by one of CFIH’s core values: “We are all in this together”.

CFIH Accredited Exercise Physiologist and MWAP facilitator, Alanah Dobinson, believes, “Every body is different and has the ability to flourish.

Too often, our minds and bodies are in battle in this area, and neither end up winning - it doesn’t have to be this way.”

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Getting Started

The first extension of MWAP is the Getting Started Group Movement Classes.

These classes provide a safe, supportive and fun community to help people develop confidence in movement. The classes provide an opportunity for people to be with others who may also feel hesitant towards engaging in regular movement, and who are ready to try a fun, safe and community-oriented approach to achieving this life-long health behaviour.


Classes: $30.00 per class. Private health rebates may further decrease this amount.

Classes are available to attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly based on your schedule, and no cancellation fees apply if your schedule changes. If you miss a session, don't worry - you can save it for next time.

To become a part of the new MWAP community, and to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with movement, call CFIH on (07) 3161 0845, or

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